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Igor Plaxa

IGOR PLAXA is a male clothing brand named after its creator, Igor Plaxa.

The clothes is being made for men who appreciate comfort and quality, willing to look stylish. Igor makes every item as for himself. He discovers new concepts being inspired by the trips, new experiences and just good mood

No jacket will be sent for mass Production until it becomes the perfect thing you won't ever like to take off

All the clothes is being produced in Russia there the whole construction laboratory is in charge of the fitted and high-tech design.


The brand was established in 1999 in Yaroslavl in the form of the higher-middle price range men jackets production.
The trademark «PLAKSA» was registered in 2002 followed by the complete men clothing line release. The line was retailed in the several big cities in Russia and was targeting the men willing to pay for style and quality and appreciating the combination of comfort and unicity.
Year 2003 brought the big-scale wholesale clients to the brand, which lead to the production line retargeting to the mass market. Nevertheless, outstanding manufacture quality so as the quality of the fabrics and furniture stayed unchanged. The separate Commerce Department was formed to take care of the clients research and sales control all across Russia.
The manufacturing continued its growth promoting IGOR PLAXA collections sales in the big cities. Same year IGOR PLAXA has opened its branch in Moscow and started the brand promotion.
The brand name has transformed into «PLAXA» and a trademark was registered in 2008. The trademark became the regular participant of «Collection Premiere Moscow (CPM), the main international fashion show in Eastern Europe, since 2009.
In 2012, brand has started gathering greater numbers of the loyal customers and became available for purchase in more than 60 Russian cities. In 2013 the new down parkas line was released. The line is being produced in the middle-price range segment under the «PLX» brand name.
Currently IGOR PLAXA is continuing its development, producing two different men clothing lines in middle and upper-middle price segments. The initial manufacturer's philosophy stayed unchanged through these years: every item of IGOR PLAXA lines is being produced with maximal care to the materials and furniture, conducting thorough quality control at every stage of the production cycle.


Agile business approach is a basis of the company flawless performance, it allows prompt and timely reaction to the market changes, providing a solid ground for the decision making process and helping to keep the leading market positions. Honesty and openness are the two main qualities we're happy to provide to our customers and we appreciate to see in our partners.

Honesty and openness are the two main qualities we're happy to provide to our customers and we appreciate to see in our partners

We do also appreciate close collaboration with our partners – as we're willing to be close to our customers, we're trying to consider any recommendations from the industry professionals and to comply with the contemporary global trends. We continuously develop our technology and service by tracing the appearing industry concepts and employing the best of them.


Currently there are two clothing lines in production: PLX – quality but affordable everyday men clothing being produced from practical fabrics to be easily wear a for the several seasons staying trendy.

IGOR PLAXS – limited design premium-line men clothing in casual style, portraying the braband creator's fashion and style perception. Every model is being designed under the strict quality control from the first sketches to the sale. In this line the designer fulfills the ideas not suitable for the mass production: expensive furniture, Italian fabrics, expressive design concepts not always rational in terms of production cost-efficiency.

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